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EMW Group Inc. is a professional electrical and mechanical engineering firm specializing in industrial automation and robotics, offering a wide range of engineering services and solutions across the globe. We take a hands-on approach to engineering, so our services do not end at the design phase. From consultation, evaluation, design, assembly, and implementation of engineering works and systems, our experts ensure that planning, progress, and completion of engineering projects is made easy.


EMW Group provides detailed design, consulting, and project management in the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering. We have supplied system designs and supervisory services for many of the largest industries and manufacturers in Nova Scotia, and many more across the world. From analysis to strategy to execution, our EMW automation professionals will see you through projects from start to finish.


From our comprehensive EMW shop located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, our personnel have manufactured and assembled all types of custom-built industrial and marine systems. Our equipment can range from simple operator pushbutton controls, SCADA/RTU panels and distribution enclosures, to large integrated systems with plantwide processes, and communication networks.

Field Services

An engineer's job does not end at the drawing table, and to get the best results you need a hands-on approach. Our services extend into the field where design and practical application meet. From construction, installation, programming, or 24/7 emergency support, our team of engineers, technicians, and industrial electricians are ready to assist you with your projects or emergency situations.

About EMW

EMW Group Inc. is a collection of registered Engineers, Technologists, Technicians and Licensed Electricians based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Our experienced team has worked on projects in countries across the world, for many companies, including those in the Fortune 500. Let our dedication and expertise propel you towards your company's goals.

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