Design and Consulting

As industries strive to accomplish higher process efficiencies and comply with more demanding regulations, increasingly elaborate control technologies are being developed and implemented in response. It is this demand for refined control technologies that drives our growth. Engineering services can include:

  • Project Management
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Safety Audits and Safety Solutions
  • Process Simulation and Risk Assessment
  • Power and Distribution Systems
  • Systems Integration and Monitoring
  • Programming and Application Development
  • Machine and Process Design
  • Robotics Design and Implementation
  • Motion Systems
  • Vision Measurements and Diagnostics
  • Documentation and CAD services
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Full-time, Onsite Engineering Personnel

EMW Automation Ltd. is the high-level engineering sector of the EMW Group of Companies and has the most experienced and brightest automation engineering team, who are always in pursuit of great and innovative solutions.


EMW is comprised of experienced electrical engineers and technologists capable of delivering projects from consultation to complete electrical design and complex systems integration. Our electrical design consultants are experts in various industries and bring dedicated, professional expertise to the industry, our partnerships, and our projects.
    We produce designs that consider efficiency, flexibility, redundancy, maintainability, sustainability and cost. Robust electrical systems should lower maintenance and materials costs, reduce energy expenses, and minimize a facility's carbon footprint over its lifespan.

Electrical Engineering Field Service


EMW offers high-level mechanical design and consultancy services. Drawing on our first-hand involvement with every stage of project deployment, from assembly and commissioning to long-term operational maintenance, our mechanical engineers design solutions that add value across the full life cycle of a given project.
     By applying advanced modeling and analysis tools, we achieve superior industry performance using simple, cost effective solutions. This approach has led us to effective designs that suit a wide range of application-specific demands including load, motion, and environment-related challenges.

Mechanical Engineering Design


Regardless of the type or scope of a project, safety is always the number one priority. EMW Group Inc. understands that good design is the best way to prevent hazardous situations from ever occurring. From the health and well-being of your employees to the goods and services that you provide, everything is accounted for when working with EMW. Read More