At EMW, safety begins with good design and is the most important factor in preventing incidents from occurring. This is why we are using the latest software and techniques to identify risks, assign hazard level designations, design and implement mitigation strategies, verify that the design is satisfactory, and document all aspects of the design.

Safety By Design

In cooperation with the engineering, production, maintenance and safety personnel of our customers, we can provide a safe work environment by applying the latest industry standards and codes to our safety solutions.
    In order to prevent accidents and injuries when working around electrical equipment we implement standard safety techniques including short circuit calculations, arc flash ratings, grounding and bonding, and more, using modern design and simulation software.
    Utilizing the latest technologies, EMW can provide safety audit services in many ways such as modeling your electrical and mechanical systems to determine potential hazards and risks. All our services are provided by well-trained personnel and TUV certified Functional Safety Engineers.

Safety in the Field

We understand that all our employees are equally responsible for reducing hazards and minimizing incidents in the field. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, all work is performed in accordance with established safe work practices and procedures. At EMW we always provide and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the task at hand. We are also continuously updating our safety manuals and personnel training to comply with the latest government legislation and safety requirements. EMW is certified by Construction Safety Nova Scotia and registered with the workers compensation board.
    Safety in the field is everyone's responsibility and incident loss can be controlled through the combination of good management and active employee involvement. EMW is committed to working in the spirit of consultation and cooperation with its clients and employees in maintaining the safest and healthiest work environment possible.