Thermal imaging / infrared electrical inspection is a powerful tool that offers many benefits to help keep your business running with minimal downtime. With EMWs certified thermography technicians we can find electrical hot spots before they cause issues. Some potential issues thermography can detect are:

  • Overheating electrical components
  • Loose or bad connections
  • Overloading circuits, fuses or transformers
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Defective equipment

Thermography Inspections

Inspecting electrical equipment using thermography offers many benefits over other inspection methods. One of these benefits is reducing downtime by catching potential issues or hot spots early before they cause bigger issues and allowing fixes to be scheduled during routine maintenance time. Thermography inspections are also conducted non-destructively allowing electrical equipment to be inspected without disassembly and interruptions to production. By utilizing thermography EMW can help your company to reduce downtime and maintenance cost while increasing production.

Thermography Safety

Thermography offers safety benefits over other inspection methods like allowing the technician to stay at a safe distance and touchless inspection which greatly reduces the chance of electrical shock. This helps to keep employees safe while still ensuring your equipment is without potential issues and running as expected.